Parcel Carrier

Manhattan Active Warehouse Management solutions provides clients the ability to integrate with external parcel providers for flexible rate shopping, shipping label generation, manifest assignment. Use cases include:

  • Optional rules-based Rate Shop Group determination by MAWM.

  • Rate shop request at package generation for optimal carrier & service level assignment which meets customer service level agreement.

  • Flexible tracking number generation timing to fit various business requirements.

  • Carrier compliant references that provide additional information on shipping labels.

  • Shipping label document storage in MAWM for real time or delayed printing requirements.

  • Real time manifest assignment or delayed assignment using Ship to Hold functionality.

  • Simple ‘End of Day’ process to request closure of carrier manifests from MAWM to ship packages.

  • Manifest documentation provided by EPI and printed by MAWM at the time of End of Day.

Third Party Integrations

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