What is XCCommerce?

XCCommerce provides a state of the art suite of applications that enable complex promotion and coupon capabilities across all channels and provide a seamless and consistent customer experience at all points of purchase.

What does this integration include?

Manhattan Active Omni is not integrated with XCCommerce out of the box. This integration enables communication with OCAPI by altering the base Point of Sale functionality in the following ways:

  • View Promotions – Call XCCommerce ‘PEM-L’ Service to display eligible promotions for a given item
  • Apply Promotions – Call XCCommerce ‘PEM-P’ to reapply promotions based on defined modifications to the cart

View Promotions API

When a store associate is browsing items from the item global search or product catalog in Manhattan Active Omni Point of Sale module, it is important to enable them with promotion information to help upsell to the customer. Whenever an item is selected from the global search or product catalog, this App generates the ‘PEM-L’ call to XCCommerce to return back the eligible promotions for the item to display to the user.

Apply Promotions API

When the store associate is making updates to the Point of Sale cart, such as adding or removing an item or adding a coupon, the cart must be re-evaluated for eligible promotions. MAO generates a ‘PEM-P’ call to XCCommerce to apply any eligible promotions to the cart. The response is translated to the MAO required format to update the cart.