What is Sales Force Commerce Cloud OCAPI?

Sales Force Commerce Cloud (SFCC) has a pricing and promotions offering called ‘OCAPI’ which is used by customers for their Web/ Call Center orders to determine the pricing and promotions.

What does this integration include?

Manhattan Active Omni is not integrated with SFCC OCAPI out of the box. This integration enables communication with OCAPI by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Pricing & Promotion Evaluation
  • Calculate S&H
  • Retrieving SFCC Customer ID

Pricing and Promotion Evaluation

SFCC is used to manage all types of promotions, as well as pricing of the items for the included order types under this integration. SFCC provides a single pricing and promotions engine to have a consistent way of evaluating pricing and promotions across different B2C/B2B channels. This includes evaluating order promotions, coupons, item promotions, pricing, and shipping promotions. Coupons added by the CSR in the UI are evaluated and, if eligible, are applied to the basket. These promotions are applied to a Customer Order via a REST-service call to SFCC OCAPI. SFCC determines if the coupons are eligible (making an internal call to external system for validation) based on the basket details of the order and responds with the applied promotion(s) details and value.

The basket calculation web-service call is triggered whenever an update is made on the order that impacts promotion eligibility (Ex. Add Item/Cancel line, Add Coupon, Enter Shipping Information, Quantity Update). The out-of-the-box MAO UI is utilized to display the promotion details to the CSR. Configuration for MAO to delete the basket is also available as SFCC OCAPI has a limit on the number of open baskets for a given customer.

Calculate Shipping and Handling

This feature adds the ability to bypass MAO Shipping Charge Calculation and instead use SFCC OCAPI for evaluating and apply shipping charges.

Retreiving SFCC Customer ID

As many clients do not maintain the SFCC Customer ID as the main Customer ID in MAO, the SFCC Customer ID needs to be provided back on the first basket call, which MAO stores on the order in an extended attribute. This value is then sent as the Customer ID in all subsequent basket calls to OCAPI.