United States Postal Service

What is USPS?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a vital delivery platform that enables American commerce by providing service to every American business and address.

What does this integration include?

This integration enables communication with USPS by altering the base functionality in the Manhattan Active Omni Store Fulfillment Application in the following ways:

  • Shipping - Request the package tracking number and shipping label from USPS
  • Tracking Information – Request updated tracking information for packages in transit to the customer
  • Cancel Label – Cancels the purchased label in cases where required


When a user completes a package in SI&F, a ship request is generated, which communicates the service level, ship from and ship to address and other relevant package information. This ship request is translated to the USPS required format with the expected data for USPS to generate the shipping label. The USPS response is translated back to the Store Fulfillment format where the tracking number is saved against the package, and the 4 X 6 PNG shipping label is saved in the document repository to be printed with the pack slip.

Tracking Updates

When a user completes a package in SI&F, a tracking number is assigned to the package. SI&F compiles the list of open tracking numbers and calls USPS in the required format for status updates on each package. USPS responds with the latest tracking information on each. If the carrier status is configured as ‘In Transit’ in MAO, the package is updated to ‘In Transit’ and the fulfillment is updated to Shipped.

Cancel Package

This is a service exposed to allow for MAO to call and cancel a label printed with USPS when the store associate requests to reprint the label with an updated Carrier and/or Service Level value. This service can either be invoked directly via API call or through an additional extension at the desired event point.

Package Pickup Request

This service allows retailers to schedule reoccurring pickups if their store locations are eligible for the service (based on address). This service allows you to check for pickup availability and to schedule USPS to pick up a shipment. When a store location has at least one package manifested with USPS express shipping, a Pickup Availability Request is made to determine whether pickup service is available that day at the given store location. Based on the response, a package pickup schedule request call is made.