What is Logistyx?

Logistyx TME is a SaaS-based Transportation Management Solution for global parcel shipping that guarantees carrier compliance, streamlines transportation booking, monitors parcel delivery movements, and identifies ongoing opportunities to increase profits per shipment. 

What does this integration include?

This integration enables communication with Logistyx by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Rate Shop – Sends necessary data in the Ship Request for Logistyx to rate shop from the Store Fulfillment Module of Manhattan Active Omni

Rate Shop

When a user completes a package in Store Fulfillment, a ship request is generated, which communicates the ship from, ship to address and other relevant package information. This ship request is translated to the Logistyx required format with the expected data for Logistyx to select the carrier and generate the shipping label. The Logistyx response is translated back to the Store Fulfillment format where the tracking number is saved against the package, and the 4 X 6 PNG shipping label is saved in the document repository to be printed with the pack slip.

Rate Shopping allows Logistyx to compare carriers and service levels that meet the expected commitment date and ultimately choose the lowest-cost method to ship a package. There is a rate group assigned to each service level, where the corresponding Logistyx Rate Group Name and Id are configured in MAO. The rate group information is sent in the request to Logistyx for each package.