What is DHL?

DHL is an industry-leading carrier shipping solution that integrates seamlessly with host systems to handle all small parcel, LTL and TL return orders.

What does this integration include?

Out of the box, Manhattan Active Omni Store Fulfillment does not integrate with DHL. This integration enables communication with DHL by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Generate the Return Order Tracking number & Shipping Label

Return Tracking Number and Label Generation

This feature adds integration with DHL to track the delivery status and to make a call to DHL Rate and Shipment service to initiate a Return. DHL receives the request and responds with the Return Tracking Number and Return Label. Return Label is saved as a PDF file in the Document API of Manhattan Active Omni. This document covers two returns processes:

  • CSR initiated returns in call center
  • Website (import order) initiated returns