Blue Express

What is Blue Express?

Blue Express provides door-to-door service to distribute products to more than 300 cities throughout Chile in an agile and safe way. The Blue Express shipping network provides national and international distribution, retail distribution, home delivery and commercial deliveries.

What does this integration include?

This integration adds functionality for Manhattan Active Omni to call Blue Express Tracking Pull web service, specifically the obtainDocument Service Method (Método obtenerDocumento). This provides the capacbility to track shipments within Manhattan Active Omni Digital Self Service (DSS) when a customer tracks a package associated to a Blue Express service order (OS).

Shipment Tracking

Retailers may provide the ability to track shipments via MAO DSS. To access the Shipment Tracking UI, a customer can use the “Track Package” link provided in the shipment confirmation email/text or via the link provided in an e-commerce site. One Shipment Tracking page is displayed per package.

The Digital Self-Service Shipment Tracking page displays details about a package, including:

  • Package status (e.g. in transit or delivered)
  • ETA or delivered date
  • Details about items in the package (Currently the UI displays item short description, size, color, price, and shipped quantity. Other attributes are not supported).
  • Tracking details

Self-Service makes a real time API call to the carrier such as FedEx to retrieve the latest package status. Out of the box integration exists for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

This feature provides additional integration for 3rd party carrier, Blue Express. When a user accesses the Shipment Tracking UI for a package shipped via Blue Express, a real time call is made to the Blue Express obtainDocument web service to retrieve the latest status of the package as well as the tracking history using the Blue Express service order (OS) as tracking number.