What is 500friends?

500friends is a loyalty marketing platform that helps you retain, engage, understand, and connect to your customers. 500Friends integrates seamlessly with host systems to handle all customer loyalty metrics such as how many loyalty points a customer has earned per transaction committed & how much remaining value is available on a customer’s loyalty certificate.

What does this integration include?

Manhattan Active Omni is not integrated with 500Friends out of the box. This integration enables communication with 500Friends by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Validate – Ensure certificate ID is valid and mark them as “Used” when redeemed
  • Monitor – Sends necessary data in the Balance Check for 500Friends to determine how many loyalty points a customer has earned
  • Payment Transactions – 500Friends authorizes and settles transactions that contain a loyalty certificate as a form of payment on the order


There is a Custom SOAP API to 500 Friends to validate certificate Ids upon loyalty certificates being used as a payment method on the order. Request Parameters include Certificate Id and Amount of Certificate. Response Parameters include the status and actual amount of the certificate. MAO makes this call when a user enters a loyalty certificate as a payment method on the call center UI. Whenever a Loyalty Certificate is applied, a tax call must be made to recalculate taxes. The Loyalty Certificate amount is prorated by weight across all items while making the tax call. This is a temporary proration and is not saved after the tax call is made.


Manhattan Active Omni performs a synchronous Balance Check transaction call when a Loyalty Certificate tender is added to an order. When adding a Loyalty Certificate tender to an order, a CSR will capture a card number and pin and enter those into the payment details in the Call Center UI. Active Omni then generates a Balance Check transaction in the 500Friends format when a CSR presses “Add” to confirm the addition of the Loyalty Certificate tender.

Payment Transactions

Manhattan Active Omni performs an Authorization transaction call for a Loyalty Certificate tender when either an order is placed or updated in the Call Center UI, which contains a Loyalty Certificate tender that has yet to be authorized. MAO also performs an Authorization call if an order is sent with a valid Loyalty Certificate number without an authorization transaction record. If an order or portion of the order is canceled where an Authorization Reversal transaction is generated, MAO sends a call in the 500Friends format to mark the payment as no longer valid. Dummy Settlement and Refund transactions are generated for Loyalty Certificates and are closed by MAO with no calls to 500Friends.