What is Worldpay?

Worldpay is the world’s largest processor and payments advocate and provides services to merchants and financial institutions in the US.

Worldpay provides tools to simplify payment strategies including credit cards, ATM processing, and merchant services as part of a unified platform.


This feature adds integration with Worldpay for Gift Card processing including the following capabilities:

  • Giftcard Reload Transaction: Loading the funds onto an active gift card (for Physical Gift Cards) on Fulfillment of Purchased Gift Card and Refund Gift Card

Reload Gift Card

As part of this feature, MAO integrates with Worldpay to send Gift Card Reload Transactions via the Native RAFT API. Manhattan Active Omni sends data to Worldpay Payment Component that is required to generate request to load funds onto Physical Gift Cards. This service captures Order Event data from MAO for pGC shipments and generates and transmits request to Worldpay and returns the response to MAO.