What is Givex?

Givex offers gift card, loyalty and stored value ticketing solutions which drive sales for clients, help them better understand, reward and entice their customers and ultimately make better-informed business decisions.

What does this integration include?

This integration enables integration to Givex for two Payment Methods:

  1. Gift Card (GC)
  2. Store Card (SC)

In the context of this integration a Store Card is essentially a Gift Card except it must be redeemed within the store only and not through other channels. This is managed in Givex by assigning a Gift Card to a Group. By the virtue of the card being associated to the group it is limited to be redeemed only from stores. The details of the mechanisms / configurations by which this is accomplished is outside the scope of this document and is managed between the Retailer and Givex.

The features within this integration explained more below include: • Card Entry • Redemption • Cash Out • Refund • Balance Inquiry • Activation • Reload • Exchange Tender

Card Entry

This feature provides the ability for the customer to barcode scan a Gift Card or Store Card into the Manhattan Active Omni POS UI. This feature requires integration with a barcode scanner to be implemented outside the scope of this integration.


Redeeming is the process of using a Gift Card or Store Card to pay for a purchase in the Manhattan Active Omni POS Application. Funds equal to the redemption amount is reduced from the available funds on the card following a successful redemption.

Cash Out

Immediately following a redemption, if the balance remaining on the card (GC or SC) is below a threshold value (configured in MAO) then customer has the option to cash out the remaining balance in Manhattan Active Omni POS Application. This function is used to redeem (Forced Cashback Redemption) the remaining amount on the Gift Card or Store Card.


Refund results from processing a return or a negative exchange where customer is issued funds to an existing or new card (Gift Card or Store Card).

Balance Inquiry

Balance Inquiry is a function in the Manhattan Active Omni POS Application that allows the user to query the balance of an existing Gift Card or Store Card.


Activation is the process of adding funds to a new gift card and making it available to be redeemed. In the Manhattan Active Omni POS application activation is performed once the balance due becomes zero, for an order that contains a Gift Card line item. Note activation is supported only for Gift Cards and not for Store Cards since Store Cards are not sold as line items.


Reloading is the process of adding funds to an existing card (an activated card that the customer already owns). This process does not require activation since the card is already activated, it simply adds more funds to the card.

Exchange Tender

This function is utilized to return cash to a customer for a Gift Card or Store Card that they own. Alternately this function may also be utilized if a customer has multiple Gift Cards (or Store Cards) and wants to consolidate the funds in those cards to a single card