What is Clutch?

Clutch is an innovative data-centric marketing solution platform empowering brands with the best technology so that they can identify, understand, and motivate their customers. Clutch provides traditional marketing CRM, loyalty, gift card, mobile, email, and direct mail solutions individually or as part of a unified platform.

What does this integration include?

This Clutch integration enables Manhattan Active to support the following features:

  • Balance Check – Check the available balance on a Gift Card
  • Hold – Place a hold on the funds on a Gift Card to pay for an order
  • Redeem – Redeem the held funds on a Gift Card upon the fulfillment of the order that was paid using the gift card
  • Hold Reversal – Release funds that are held on a Gift Card
  • Gift Card Processing – Activation and Issuance of Physical and Electronic Gift Cards

Balance Check

When a CSR adds a gift card to an order in the Call Center UI, Manhattan Active Omni generates a payment transaction to determine the available funds on the card. MAO makes a synchronous call to Clutch and sends only one message per gift card. If the available balance is greater than the requested amount, Manhattan Active Omni applies the gift card to the order for the requested amount. If the available balance is less than the requested amount, Manhattan Active Omni applies the available balance. Additional payment methods are captured to continue the order creation process.


In the Call Center UI, when a CSR places an order requiring a gift card tender authorization, MAO sends an authorization/hold transaction to place a hold on the funds to Clutch. If the approved amount is less than the requested amount, then MAO accepts the response to make the appropriate updates. The correct available, applied, and remaining amounts are displayed in the payment tab of the Call Center UI.


A settlement request to Clutch is sent to redeem gift card payment transactions. When an order is shipped, an invoice is generated to mark the sale of goods. If an order is fully shipped, MAO uses the invoice to generate a settlement transaction. If the order is partially shipped, a scheduled job is configured to batch process any open settlement transactions, generating individual calls for each open transaction to Clutch. The redeem transaction releases the remaining funds from the related hold transaction. If all order lines are not shipped, Manhattan Active Omni generates an advanced hold transaction upon a successful response. The advanced hold record is used for any subsequent settlement transactions, until a new hold is generated, or the order is fully shipped or canceled.

Hold Reversal

Manhattan Active Omni uses the authorization reversal interface when an authorization reversal transaction is generated for a gift card authorization. The message interfaced to Clutch is like the settlement request, however, the requested amount is always $0. MAO closes the authorization record and releases the funds for the related hold in Clutch.

Gift Card Processing

When a customer purchases a Gift Card both Electronic / Physical, there are a series of steps involved in fulfilling and activating the Gift Card for the customer to Use. Manhattan Active Omni orchestrates the fulfillment of both the Physical and Electronic Cards and handles the activation of the same.

When a Gift Card order is Released to Fulfillment based on the type of Gift Card the following steps are performed


Only applicable for Electronic Gift Card, when an Electronic Gift Card is released MAO makes an Allocate call to Clutch using the CardsetID, which returns the Gift Card Number and optional PIN.


A Gift Card Activation request to Clutch is generated when the fulfillment center ships the physical gift card. For electronic gift card, the call is generated after a successful Allocate call. This message includes the Gift Card Number and Pin, if available.


For both types of gift cards, once the gift card is activated, a Gift Card Issuance request to Clutch is generated to issue the value to the card . MAO makes a synchronous call to Clutch and sends one message per gift card. If multiple gift card issuances are required, multiple messages are sent.