Gift Cards

Manhattan Active Omni solutions provide clients the ability to sell or to transact with gift cards.

Selling gift cards

Physical or electronic gift cards may be purchased through the website, Contact Center, or POS, which leverages integration with the external gift card provider to activate the gift card.

Transacting with gift cards

Gift card as a tender is supported with integration to the external gift card provider to process the payment. This includes:

  • Balance check to verify available funds prior to accepting as form of payment
  • Reducing the funds on the gift card upon fulfillment
  • Refunds to existing or new gift card upon cancelation or returns

Manhattan Active Omni Point of Sale provides additional capabilities for store users to perform balance inquiries, reload or activate a gift card, and cash out remaining balance under a defined threshold.

Manhattan Active Omni has pre-built apps with many 3rd party gift card providers which can be leveraged out of the box for one or more of the above functionalities. Please see each 3rd party vendor to view what functionalities are available.

Third Party Integrations

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