What is Decision Manager?

CyberSource’s Decision Manager is a fraud protection platform, which features a flexible rules engine. Decision Manager allows customers to screen orders for risk to help prevent fraud.

What does this integration include?

This integration extends the base-supported authorization integration with CyberSource by utilizing three methods:

  • Combo Call (Adding Fraud fields to Authorization Call)
  • Review Fraud Status Calls
  • Stand Alone Fraud Calls

The Decision Manger API allows for integration between Manhattan Active Omni and CyberSource’s Decision Manager. The integration with Decision Manager (DM) provides the client capabilities to automate and streamline Order Reviews and Fraud Management operations.

Combo Call

For orders placed in the MAO Customer Servic emodule, a call to CyberSource for authorization is made with the additional fields added for CyberSource to perform the fraud check before the order is released. CyberSource responds with a fraud decision - accept, failure, or review. For accept, the fraud hold is removedand the order is eligible for release. For failure, MAO cancels the order, and for review, the order is updated with a fraud review hold that requires a manual fraud review.

Review Status Call

MAO periodically checks the fraud status of any order that is in Fraud Review with CyberSource DM. This task utilizesthe DM API to check the status of the order and allows MAO to process any updates based on manual review of the order.

Standalone Calls

For order edits where no new authorization is required, MAO sends a standalone fraud call to CyberSource DM and updates the order based on the fraud response.