What is Aurus?

Aurus is a leading provider of global payment software and services for retailers.

What does this integration include?

For Credit Card payment processing integration, Manhattan Active Omni integrates with AurusPay Switch to process payment transactions using Web-Service AESDK version 6.13.8. MAO generates the transactions in the format required by Aurus. Additionally, MAO adds logic for Hosted Checkout in the call center application, which is used to capture credit card information via AurusPay Switch. Then, Aurus returns the payment token, which can then be used for further transactions.

This integration also adds logic to process Gift Card, Klarna, Affirm, PayPal, and Digital Wallet (ApplePay/Google Pay) payment transactions, as well as Safety Pay (Bank Transfers in Mexico) and OXXO payments.

This document details MAO integration with AurusPay Switch via the following transactions:

  • Authorization (PreAuth)
  • Authorization Reversal (Void)
  • Settlement (PostAuth)
  • Sale
  • Refund
  • Hosted Checkout
  • Transaction Lookup
  • Issue Gift Card
  • Activate Gift Card
  • Balance Inquiry of Gift Card
  • Redeem Gift Card
  • Chargeback Sale


An authorization, or approval from the card issuer through the payment gateway, is required to ensure the customer has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. Manhattan Active Omni (MAO) creates authorizations in various scenarios like when an authorization expires and requires a new authorization. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send the Aurus required format when an authorization is required.

Authorization Reversal

An authorization reversal occurs when a merchant reverses the authorization step of the transaction, before settlement has begun. Manhattan Active Omni (MAO) creates internal authorization reversals when the order total decreases. This feature adds the ability for MAO to externalize the authorization reversal transactions when the full remaining amount on the auth is being reversed. MAO sends the Aurus required format when an auth reversal is required.


A settlement transaction is created when product on the order is fulfilled, so issuing bank sends funds to the seller’s payment processor, which disperses said funds to the merchant. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send the Aurus required format when a settlement is required.

Sale (Combo Call)

A sale is utilized to capture funds when base generates a settlement transaction upon adding a new payment method in the Call Center UI. This feature supports the capture of funds without requiring an authorization transaction.


A refund is required when compensation is owed to a customer; triggered by a return, uneven exchange, appeasement, adjustment invoice etc. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send the Aurus required format when a refund is required.

Hosted Checkout

Hosted checkout, or a 3rd party owned screen (iFrame) used to capture payment information during the order creation process in the Call Center application, is added as part of this feature. Aurus sends a token back to MAO, which is stored on the order and used for subsequent payment transactions.

Transaction Lookup

In scenarios where a timeout occurs when executing a payment transaction with Aurus, a lookup mechanism is required during retry to check if the transaction was processed. This features supports a lookup API call with Aurus before a new transaction is executed. If the transaction that timed out was processed by Aurus, this API returns the response details. Transaction Lookup calls are made for all the transactions listed in this extension except for the Gift Card Balance Inquiry.

Gift Card – Issuance and Activation Gift Card

For scenarios where a refund must be issued on a gift card as well as scenarios where an E-Gift Card is added to an order as a sellable item, MAO calls Aurus to issue and then activate a new E-Gift Card. The issuance/activation response, which contains the E-Gift Card number and PIN is translated by MAO into a fulfillment order event for the E-Gift Card which generates an outbound message with the E-Gift Card details.

Gift Card – Balance Inquiry

When applying a Gift Card as a payment method in the Call Center application, MAO makes a Balance Inquiry call to Aurus to confirm the card has the funds available. If the available balance is greater than the requested amount, MAO applies the gift card to the order for the requested amount. If the available balance is less than the requested amount, MAO applies the available balance. Additional payment methods are captured to continue the order creation process.

Gift Card – Redeem

When confirming an MAO Call Center order having a Gift Card applied as payment, MAO sends Aurus a Redeem request for the amount applied on the Gift Card in the Balance Inquiry step. The Gift Card Redeem transaction is modeled as a MAO Settlement transaction, and successful Gift Card redemption results in an order moving to Paid status (if the Gift Card covers the entire order total).

With Pay by Link, customers can input their credit card information using their own mobile device, tablet, or laptop, rather than providing their sensitive credit card information to contact center agents. This reduces the level of risk for customers who are placing orders or making order edits over the phone.


With OXXO payments, customers in Mexico receive a barcode on order confirmation which is saved to their mobile phones. The customer can then has 3 days to show the barcode at an OXXO store and pay for the order, at which point the OXXO payment, through Aurus, is posted to the MAO orders asynchronously. MAO executes payment cancellations for orders fully cancelled prior to payment being posted and refunds for any returns or adustments after payment has been posted.