What is Adyen?

Adyen is a global payment company that allows retail businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments.

What does this integration include?

For Credit Card payment processing integration, Manhattan Active Omni, MAO for short, integrates with Adyen to process payment transactions. MAO generates the transactions in the format required by Adyen and integrates via Rest APIs.

Additionally, MAO Hosted Checkout capabilities in the call center application are added, which is used to capture and tokenize credit card information via Adyen Gateway from the MAO call center application. During Hosted Checkout, Adyen responds back with the payment token which can then be used for further transactions.

This page details Manhattan Active Omni integration with Adyen Payment Gateway for the following processes:

  • Hosted Checkout – Payment Method capture and tokenization using the Adyen Hosted Payment Page in the MAO Call Center
  • Authorization – Payment Authorization and Reauthorization when Payment Method expiring
  • Authorization Extension – Extend expiration date on Authorization
  • Authorization Reversal – Reduce amount Authorized (complete or partial)
  • Settlement – Capture amount fulfilled (complete or partial)
  • Refund – Refund amount settled
  • Fraud – Payment Method fraud review using Adyen RevenueProtect (RP)

Payment Types

Payment Types included and supported by Adyen as a part of this App are:

Payment TypePre-Paid?Refund TypeVoid BehaviorCall Center?Tokenization
Apple PayNoApple PayNoNoYes
Credit CardNoCredit CardNoYesYes
Gift CardNoGift CardNoYesYes

Processes by Payment Type

Processes by Payment Type supported by Adyen as a part of this App are:

Payment TypeHosted CheckoutAuthorizationAuthorization ExtensionAuth ReversalSettlementRefundFraud
Apple PayNoYesNoComplete and Partial*Complete and Partial*YesYes
Credit CardYesYesYes*Complete and Partial*Complete and Partial*YesYes
Gift CardYesYesNoComplete and Partial*Complete and Partial*NoYes
KlarnaNoYesNoComplete OnlyComplete and PartialYesYes
PayPalNoYesNoComplete and Partial*Complete and Partial*YesYes

* Determined by configuration, processes leveraged can be adjusted to meet customer specific Adyen processing requirements. For example, Credit Cards can be configured to only send Complete Auth Reversals.

Hosted Checkout

Hosted checkout is a Payment Gateway / 3rd party owned screen (iFrame) used to capture payment information during the order creation/modification process in the MAO Call Center. Hosted Checkout makes the payment information capture more secure since the payment information is collected on the payment gateway side and the payment page along with the underlying security is owned by the gateway solution where MAO only invokes the Hosted Checkout page with the necessary order information. Once the payment information is submitted on the hosted checkout page, Adyen sends a token back to MAO, which is stored on the order and can be used for subsequent payment transactions – such as Authorization, Settlement and Refund.


An authorization, or approval from the card issuer through the payment gateway, is required to ensure the customer has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. MAO creates authorizations in various scenarios such as order capture/modification through the Call Center application or when an authorization is expiring and requires a new authorization. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send an authorization request to Adyen in the required format when an authorization is required.

Authorization Extension

An authorization of a pre-authorized payment can be adjusted to extend the authorization period. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send an authorization adjustment request to Adyen in the required format when an authorization extension is required.

Authorization Reversal

An authorization reversal may occur when a merchant reverses the authorization step of the transaction for any funds that the merchant does not intend to capture. MAO creates internal authorization reversals when the order total decreases and there are unused funds on the authorization transaction. This feature adds the ability for MAO to externalize the authorization reversal transactions when the remaining amount on the auth is being reversed. MAO sends an authorization reversal request to Adyen in the required format when an auth reversal is required.


A settlement transaction (Capture) is created when product on the order is fulfilled, so issuing bank sends funds to the seller’s payment processor, which disperses said funds to the merchant. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send a settlement request to Adyen in the required format when a payment capture is required.


A refund is required when money is owed to the consumer, triggered by a return, uneven exchange, appeasement, etc. This feature adds the ability for MAO to send a refund request to Adyen in the required format when a refund is required. Usually, a refund is issued for an existing order that is fulfilled and has invoice in Closed status. However, as a part of this App a backend API is included to process a refund without an existing order.


Fraud is processed with Ayden RevenueProtect (RP) to provide capabilities to automate and streamline Order Reviews and Fraud Case Management operations. This feature adds the ability to support fraud check and case resolution between MAO and RP. When an order is updated in RP after being placed on fraud hold, RP provides notifications to MAO on any Fraud Status/Result changes.