What is Loqate?

Loqate is an address verification vendor and leading specialist for location data. Their solutions provide customers with the capability to verify addresses at the point of capture via API and cleanse customer data via batch processing. The global API covers 130 address formats, 3000+ languages, and 245 countries and territories.

What does this integration include?

Manhattan Active Omni is not integrated with Loqate AVS out of the box. This integration enables communication with Loqate AVS by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Uses the International Batch Cleanse (v1) API within the Data Cleanse product suiteto validate shipping addresses entered initially or edited within the Call Center application

Verification for imported order addresses, billing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are not supported within this feature.

Delivery Address Verification (AVS)

When a user adds or modifies a shipping address in the Manhattan Active Omni Contact Center, a web service call is made to Loqate containing the address information captured by the UI. A response is received from Loqate that indicates whether the address that was entered can be fully verified or if a recommended address is present as alternative. When the Loqate cleanse API returns one or more results, the address pop-up is shown. When multiple addresses are returned in the web service response with acceptable data match scores, the Call Center user is presented with the option to select between the original address and the highest quality address match from Loqate. If the API request is not successfully processed to Loqate, or if a response is returned with an error code or an indicator that the address does not meet necessary verification standards, the AVS pop-up displays with failure message. No recommended address is provided in these failure scenarios