What is Avalara?

Avalara is an industry-leading tax solution that integrates seamlessly with host systems to handle all tax calculation needs for eCommerce.

What does this integration include?

Manhattan Active Omni is not integrated with Avalara out of the box. This integration enables communication with Avalara by altering the base functionality in the following ways:

  • Address verification request is sent in Avalara acceptable format when a user enters a shipping address in the Customer Service UI

Address Verification (AVS)

This feature adds integration with Avalara from Manhattan Active Omni to validate addresses entered in the Point of Sale and Contact Center applications. This support is provided for any address values that are entered initially or edited by the Point of Sale or Contact Center modules.

When a user adds or modifies an address in the Manhattan Active Omni Contact Center or POS, a web service call is made to Avalara AVS containing the address information captured by the UI. A response is received from Avalara AVS that indicates whether the address that was entered can be fully verified or if recommended address(es) are present as alternatives. These values, if returned, are displayed to the user in the UI for confirmation.

This feature is not extended to include other values that may be offered during verification such as email addresses or billing addresses. This feature is also not applied to orders interfaced into Manhattan Active Omni from external systems