Additional reference documentation

Manhattan Active® API

Dive deep into the Manhattan Active® API

Manhattan Active® Apps

Explore apps that provide integration with third party services such as tax calculations, promotions, parcel, and payment processing

Glossary of key terminology

Become familiar with the key terminology utilized throughout this documentation.

Asynchronous Communication with Manhattan Active® solutions via Google Pub/Sub

Recommendations on setting up asynchronous communications with Manhattan Active solutions via Google Pub/Sub and best practices for publishing or consuming messages.

Cloud Networking

Understand how Manhattan configures the networking of customer environments to ensure isolation, prioritize security, and optimize performance.

Overview of AWPF message types

Basic concepts of your asynchronous workload and the different options available to process them consistently and under very high throughput requirements.

Overview of batch job configuration

Basic concepts of how batch jobs can be configured and scheduled for bulk data processing requirements.

Extension points and handlers

Detailed overview of how extension points and handlers can be instrumented to customize your business workflows with virtually no code.

Overview of scheduler features

Description of features supported by the Scheduler functionality of Manhattan Active® Platform.

UI-based Automated Tests

Warnings related to the creation of UI-based automated tests.

CUPS overview, setup, and best practices

Learn more about CUPS, how to install on RHEL or Debian, and best practices.

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