Authenticate to Manhattan Active® API

Authenticate and obtain an OAuth access token.

Before you begin

Before authenticating to an API, it is necessary to have an authorized user (OAuth resource owner) and an OAuth client.

Authentication information

Manhattan Active® API supports the following OAuth 2.0 authorization grants (OAuth flows):

  • Authorization Code Grant (web server flow)
  • Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant (password flow)

Please contact your organization’s Manhattan Active® Platform administrator for the following OAuth settings:

Setting Description Example
API URL Manhattan Active API URL https://<unique_id>
Username The resource owner username
Password The resource owner password h3ll0
Client Id API client id omnicomponent.1.0.0
Client Secret API client password w0r1d
Token URL URL for access token endpoint https://<unique_id>
Authorization URL Authorization Code URL (web server flow) https://<unique_id>

Authenticate from your code

For access to Manhattan Active® API from your software, please see Call from your code

Authenticate using Postman

For access to Manhattan Active® API from Postman, please see Call using Postman

What’s next

To learn more about calling an individual Manhattan Active® API, please see the REST API documentation in our product sites: