Configure OAuth Clients

Get started with OAuth client configuration to enable security integration with other systems or 3rd parties in your IT landscape


Manhattan Active® Platform Access Management has administrative screens that manage various aspects of security, including authentication, login modes, and OAuth client setup. Documents that describe OAuth client setup for external integration are based on the version of Access Management.

Identifying Access Management Version

You can identify the version of Access Management based on its URL.

When you enter the environment hostname or the Access Management hostname as the address in your browser, you will be redirected to the login page of the Access Management server.

  • https://<unique_id>.<domain_name> (environment hostname)
  • https://<unique_id>-auth.<domain_name> (Access Management hostname)

The URL of the login page may be used to identify the version of Access Management -

Access Management URLVersion
https://<unique_id>-auth.<domain_name>/org-loginAccess Management 1.0
https://<unique_id>-auth.<domain_name>/auth/realms/maactive/...Access Management 2.0

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