Manage OAuth clients

Get started with OAuth client configuration for enabling security integration with other systems or 3rd parties in your IT landscape.


Manhattan Active® Platform Auth Server has administrative user interface to configure or modify several aspects of security such as the authentication and login modes and OAuth client setup. This document describes how you can set up OAuth clients for external integration and for calling the REST API.

Before You Begin

You will need access to the Manhattan Active® Platform application, and a System Administrator role to configure security properties in the Auth Server user interface.

To access the administration UI, go to your Auth Server URL (https://<stack_name>-auth.<domain_name>). After you log in, you should see the Administration option as a button that you can use to navigation to the administration UI:

The admin panel is accessible only to the users with the System Administrator role.

Clicking on the “OAuth Clients” option in the menu will take you to the UI to manage the configuration for OAuth Clients.

The UI has 2 sections in it:

  • Custom clients: includes the clients that are created by users. These clients can be edited and deleted.
  • Default clients: are pre-configured clients. These cannot be edited, but cloned.


  1. Goto Custom clients tab and click on Add button
  2. Add client details like client id, client secret. The value of client secret will be encoded and stored. Optionally, you can set value of Access token validity and Refresh token validity. Select appropriate Scopes and Grants for this client. For each Scope selected, you have option if you’d like to auto approve the requests. You can add one or more Redirect URIs and Resource Ids to this client.
  3. Hit Save button and this creates a new client.

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  • Shipra Choudhary: Senior Software Engineer, Security, Manhattan Active® Platform, R&D.