Learn about Manhattan Active® Platform and its fundamental concepts.

High Availability and Scalability

Understand how Manhattan Active® Platform handles high availability and scalability of the runtime components and the underlying compute.

Manhattan Active® Platform Security

Basic concepts of the security principles embedded in the architecture of the Manhattan Active® Platform for a strong security posture.


Understand how Manhattan Active® Platform captures activities and changes that can be used for tracking, troubleshooting, forensics, and learning.

Enterprise Integration - Async vs Sync

Extensibility & Configurability

What all you can do to extend and configure the Manhattan Active® Platform and the solutions to make it work for your business requirements.

Asynchronous Workload Processing

Basic concepts of your asynchronous workload and different options available to process them consistently and with very high throughput requirements.

Data Stream

Introduction to Manhattan’s answer for your data replication and archiving requirements.

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