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Accessing from Manhattan Active® Solutions

Accessing developer information from Manhattan Active® Solutions

    Useful developer content for Manhattan Active® solutions is available for subscribing customers. With the 2023Q3 release of available solutions, a menu item enables customers to access this protected content.


    Users must be granted access to login to the Manhattan Active® solution and have resource grants to access the menu. The Active Release ID of the environment must be 2023Q3.


    To access the Developer Hub link in a solution, ensure the following grants are included in the roles assigned to your user(s):

    • sceui::facade::menu::developerHub (Supply Chain)
    • omui::order::menu::DeveloperResources (OMNI)

    The Developer Menu

    With the appropriate release and resource grants, the protected developer site content is just a click away!

    Simply click on the help icon and select the Developer Hub option as illustrated:

    developer hub menu image

    Available Solutions